Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Miraculous Juice and Mary's Diet

After drinking all those other juices, all I can say is this one is still the best!  It may taste the worst, and may make you gag a few times as you chug it rapidly, but it cleans you out the best, while providing you with much needed nutrition.  This is THE Juice!  It is MIRACULOUS!  Drink one whole pitcher each and every day for one month, as per the 2010 posts (meaning as you follow the full recommendation of what to eat during this chosen month) and you too will fully understand why the only way to eat properly is to follow a vegan diet, while drinking the juice!  The juice is the most important part!  Drink it!

Update 12-1-16:
Would you like to lose 20 pounds in one month, without even being hungry?

If you look in the Benefits section of the 2010 posts, you will be able to find what to eat and what not to eat, but here is Mary's Diet briefly:
  1. Drink one full pitcher of the juice (all the ingredients- per 2010 posts) each day on an empty stomach, and do not eat or drink anything hot afterwards (because heat above 116 degrees Fahrenheit kills all the essential nutrition of the vegetables, hence the purpose of juicing), no alcohol because alcohol will kill the nutrition (there is a list of what to eat and not eat- it sounds difficult, but once you juice and eat like this, it becomes easily, effortless, and perfectly acceptable).
  2. If your body is anything like mine, you should not be hungry because the juice will fill you up with nutrition, while completely cleaning your body out, so only eat: fruits, vegetables (cooked and/or raw; especially potatoes dunked in ketchup, unless you are a diabetic, so consult with your doctor first), and nuts (I can never get anyone else to go all the way with me, it requires discipline, dedication, and money- but I know it works because it worked on me twice and everyone who drinks it instantly gets cleaned out a little and feels better right away- everyone is willing to drink it, but making it and cleaning up afterwards, is pretty difficult, some people cannot afford the juicer even though somehow it is $200 less than when I purchased my first one 12 years ago, and also purchasing all those vegetables scares some people due to financial reasons).*  Just be strong for one month, it is well worth it, believe me!  Being fully cleaned out is life-altering.  This is the way to feel good!  Health, is not a bad thing, it feels good, believe it or not! 
  3. Once you are fully cleaned out (you will know when- because you will be thin, energetic, refreshed, rejuvenated, you will be able to smell and taste everything, also above all else, you will be cleaned out, something you will know- in other words, if you do not know it, then it has not yet happened- I do not want to get into this type of technicality on this blog, but you can email me if you have any questions) and this is when, if you are anything like me, you will also start craving protein towards the end of the month, I started craving a grilled cheese sandwich- so just a low dose of protein, I immediately took care of it, no big deal).
Limiting your vegan food in this fashion will only be for one month or until you start to crave protein, because of all the rot which has been eaten and is sitting in your body.  After you are cleaned out, go right back to eating all VEGAN, plenty of it, and continue to drink the juice as often as possible, if not every day.  You will want to keep drinking it daily because it feels very good.  Also, always remember this: without the juice, there is nothing.  You will gain weight again if you do not keep drinking the juice.  The juice gives you a lot of nutrition, which makes you not want to eat as much.  If you stop the juice, you will likely eat more, and therefore, gain weight.  The juice also cleans you out and it extremely vital.

* My mother will not do it because she says she cannot afford it (which she should make an effort to do so anyway in my opinion).  My best friend cannot do it because she cannot afford it and she is overwhelmed with slavery and children.  My other best friend has no money at all (well everyone is broke, but above all him).  Another lady I know totally wants to, but cannot afford the juicer.  Once I flat out bought a juicer for a pregnant girl.  I used to bring her a glass of juice every day.  She loved the juice so much, she tried to make it in a blender and then asked me why it did not work.  So I bought her a juicer on our credit card, which ruined our credit for a couple months (right when we were trying to buy a house).

Then, other people think if I were right and it is this urgent, important, significant, and groundbreaking, the whole medical community would be making a big deal out of it.  Well, read the U.S. study I have on this blog, just being a vegan alone is huge, they do not even consider the juice.  Doctors are taught by the same people who teach all the rest of us.  Therefore, of course they are not taught about the huge fact of everyone, including themselves, deliberately being fed rot instead of being vegan and drinking the juice in order to make people unhealthy.  What about the meat and dairy industry?  What about the insurance industry?  What about the pharmaceutical industry?  What about the main reason- keeping people down by making them physically inferior: sick, weak, unhealthy, and poor from all the costs of being unhealthy on top of everything else.

(Then, some people may read this and think: she is so opinionated, even if she is right and this is the right way to eat, it does not mean we were deliberately fed rot!  Well, I have news for you, I live and breathe.  The knowledge of the harm of meat and dairy has been going around for over 40 years.  I heard about it when I was a kid.  Furthermore, all it takes is being observant: they have attacked us on every single level.  I am trying to stick to just a couple things on this blog, because honestly, I can say everything wrong with everything and point it all out, because it is everywhere, all the time, and completely obvious for someone with my background: education, experiences, etc.
So, just look at what they are doing to our children and know it goes against every single study ever made- oh wait the studies are gone!  It also goes against over 2,000 years of learning.  It is all below in the Vegan Abundance Soup and Part 2: the orderly examination of...)

Trust me, this works.  I LOVE to eat!  I can eat with the best of them!  Be strong, be brave, drink the juice!  Follow Mary's Diet for one month (because I know you will never go back once you try it for one month, plus it takes a good month to clean-out, and you will not fully understand how right I am until all the rot is out of your body.  It took one month for all the rot to leave my body, but if you are obese, it obviously could take longer.  I am just asking for you to give yourself one month but know once all the rot is gone, you will feel what it means to be a human being).

The bottom line is, you cannot afford not to drink the juice!  It will radically transform your life into that of a healthy person.  You do not know what health is until you fully clean out with this juice for at least one month!  Follow my diet!

Why am I "successful"?  I worked so hard and suffered so much (plus I was lucky enough to get funded my whole life in terms of an education and everything related).  When everyone told us, "all you have to do is work hard and you can have anything you want." I listened.  Now I want everything else we were promised as Americans.  Because what I have now is very little compared to what I should have now.  What I have now is not only what everyone should have as the bare minimum for one person in terms of food, shelter, clothing, other material items (just for being a human being).  It is also what I should definitely have already had just from graduating college.  Of course, it does not resolve the lack of rights problem.

What I want now, is for all of us to take back what was stolen from us, so we can save the world and have an abundance of the best of everything for everyone- always and forever, including all of our rights and everything else wonderful and great.

You would think by now, we would have it all figured out: everyone would have at least the bare minimal I outlined above.  This is the 21st Century!  Why is everyone living in poverty, completely sabotaged, and with no rights?  "Just follow the money trail..." as my fiance's father always said.

Update 12-3-16:
Please do not think I am being stuck-up when I say, "my background..." I am just justifying my credentials in light of the fact we have no studies to prove everything I say about what is happening in the schools (because my Library of Science and Medicine at Rutgers is now empty, as adequately described in prior posts, and all computer-based research systems are close to worthless).  I know I am privileged compared to most, but please know, I am one of the people: by, for, and of the people.  I am sharing what I have learned in order for us all to save ourselves.  We are under attack, I have submitted to you all the proof I have in these last few posts.  As for the other proof, "the proof is in the pudding": drink the juice!  Follow Mary's Diet.  Believe me, I would rather be exercising, drinking a juice, and making recipes.  Yet, I am here doing this right now.  I hope no more thoughts on this issue or any other issue come to my mind, so I can move on, because adding these updates is no fun.  Good night to all and thanks for reading all of this!  I just want to stick to recipes.  Talking about "abundance" from the abundance soup led to all of this!    

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Vegan Red Lentil Soup

Serves: 3
Preparation time: approximately 1 hour

  • Large pot with lid
  • Cutting board
  • Ginger mincer
  • Paring knife
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons

Chop the squash
 into tiny pieces.

Mince the ginger and
chop it up very well
if needed.

  • 2 cups (~.5 liters) water
  • 1 ¾ cups (~.4 liters) coconut milk
  • 1 cup (~.25 liters) dry, red lentils
  • 1 cup (~.25 liters) butternut squash, chopped into tiny pieces (as in the picture)
  • 1/3 cup (78 ml) of finely chopped cilantro (generous amount)
  • 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of tomato paste
  • 1 tablespoon (15 ml) peanut oil (or desired oil)
  • 1 tablespoon (15 ml) minced fresh ginger root (make sure it is cut well and not stuck together so it can easily spread throughout the soup)
  • 1 teaspoon (~4.9 ml) iodized salt
  • 1 teaspoon (~4.9 ml) lime (a little more than ¼ lime) per serving
  • 1 teaspoon (~4.9 ml) curry powder
  • 1 pinch (which equals 1/16 or half of 1/8 a teaspoon- please see picture with penny) (~.31 ml) of cayenne powder
  • 1 pinch (~.31 ml) of ground nutmeg
  • 1 pinch (~.31 ml) fenugreek seeds 

  1. Combine all ingredients, except lentils, spices, and lime in large pot.
  2. Bring to a boil while adding spices, mix well ensuring tomato paste gets diluted consistently (cover if needed to increase heat more rapidly).
  3. Once it boils, mix in lentils.  Once it boils again (within ~10 seconds), reduce to around medium-low to low and cook covered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally and checking to make sure it is not too hot and lentils are not sticking to the bottom).
  4. After the 20 minutes are over, turn off heat, and mix in salt.
  5. Serve with a ¼ sized piece of lime and enjoy!
(Does not really show depth, but
at least gives you feel, for a pinch,
which is half of this size).

The positioning of the pictures is not of my choosing, but I do not have 30 minutes to lose trying, with no guarantee, to make it work.  By the way, this soup is excellent!  If you love Red Lentil Soup, you will love this!

Update 11-28-16: Added metric system conversion. 

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It was written for everyone, especially the cool people!
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"The Bigger the Lie, the More Likely People will Believe It." Adolf Hitler (He was a vegan.)

"The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it."
 The lie is eating animals is necessary.
For reasons why being a vegan is the only way to be civilized, please see the following posts: 
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Just because everyone else is eating like savages, does not make eating the bodies of dead animals healthy or correct.

Just because animals cannot speak does not make them worthless.  Being unable to speak does not mean being unable to think and feel.
By the way, the key to being a vegan is the miraculous juice 
(located under 2010).

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mary’s Multifaceted Vegan Soup

I just invented this soup.  It is so good, I had 3 bowls of it within the first half hour and I would eat more, but I am about to make myself a juice soon, prior to my workout, so I am trying to save room.  Caution, this multifaceted texture, does not last.  The longer it sits, the more the quinoa absorbs the water.  The soup remains delicious, and I am undecided as to which texture I prefer, but if you would like to better justify the name, then perhaps you would prefer to serve it sooner, rather than later.    

Serves 4
Preparation time is approximately 30-40 minutes

  • Food processor
  • Large pot with lid
  • Large wooden spoon
  • Paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons

  • 5 cups (1.2 liters) of water.
  • ~ 2 cups (~.5 liters) of ~ 2 inch (~5 cm) chopped celery (both ends are cut off also).*
  • ~ 2 cups (~.5 liters) of Brussels Sprouts with stems cut off.
  • ~1.5 cups (~1/3 liters) of Italian/curled parsley with stems cut off.
  • ~2.5 cups (~2/3 liters) of broccoli florets (very short stems on each, per the picture) (this will not go into the food processor).
  • 1/3 of a cup (~.10 liters) of dry, red quinoa.
  • 3 Rapunzel brand Vegetable Bouillon cubes (no salt added) (.5 more than what is recommended for this amount of water).
  • 1 ¼ teaspoons (~5 ml) iodized salt.
  • 2 tablespoons ( ~30 ml) tomato paste.
  1. Place celery, Brussels sprouts, and parsley into the food processor and process ~15-20 seconds. 
  2. Boil water on high with bouillon cubes and tomato paste (be sure cubes and paste mix well).
  3. While bringing water to a boil, prepare the broccoli florets.
  4. When the water boils, add all the vegetables, mix well, cover, and bring to a boil (should occur within 5 minutes).
  5. Once it boils again, reduce to medium-low, and boil, covered for 20 minutes.
  6. After about 5 minutes (with 15 minutes remaining, add the quinoa), continue cooking, covered, stirring occasionally (it is okay for the broccoli to fall apart). 
  7. Once it is done cooking, turn off heat, add and mix salt.
  8. Serve and enjoy! 
*By the way, “~” means, “approximately”, it is a mathematical symbol. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Part 2: Orderly Examination of the Sabotage, Abuse, Chaos, and Mediocrity in U.S. Public Schools - Part 2 of The Vegan Abundance Soup

Please click on the following link to read Part 1: 

Vegan Abundance Soup, Part 2Orderly Examination of the Sabotage, Abuse, Chaos, and Mediocrity in U.S. Public Schools*

Hello!  I have realized, until we save the world ourselves, we will never get those studies, so all you have is my testimony of my time in the mainstream classroom back in 2012 (3rd and 4th grade in one classroom), my “expertise” from having gotten straight As in psychology (B.A. in psychology from Rutgers College) and from having studied in the Library of Science and Medicine at Rutgers, like a complete nerd, coupled with my real life experience of having been both a professional student and from having attended over 16 schools as a student, all over N.J., across this country, and in Europe.) 

Also, I have an M.Ed and I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, which means my job is to spend all day long analyzing why people do what they do in order to change/alter behavior and to teach others how to act based on this analysis.  However, since all the studies are gone, I am not acting in the capacity of a behavior analyst in this matter, since it is purely evidence-based and here, all the evidence has been removed from the libraries (as explained in the first post).  Again, I am only acting in the capacity of a concerned citizen, since all the studies are gone, but I have a ton of education and experience to support everything I claim, also, my arguments are solid as you shall see below.  

In the Vegan Abundance Soup recipe below, many tangents occurred.  This is supposed to be just a vegan blog, but speaking of "abundance" led to everything else.  The post is too long to add all of what follows below.  I discussed a lot of this in the first post, but only as it came out of my recollection, not in any particular order.  Then I realized, we will never find these studies, since the books have been soft burned (as discussed in the first post), so therefore, this is all we have, and the best way to handle this, is in an orderly fashion.  So here it is:

Millennial public school students experience all of the following: sabotage, abuse, chaos, and mediocrity (brought to us all by: Harvard), and absent all the studies (which have “mysteriously” disappeared), here is your proof:

Limited brain use= limited brain development, also brain sabotage:
  • Not allowed to use your brain to the maximum to become smarter: multiplication table glued to the desks, therefore no memorization.  (Plays do not get memorized either.)
  • They were not allowed to multi-task (i.e., look away from the speaker to do something else at the same time, like draw, or touch something in your desk)- or they were called “disrespectful” (so it limits brain development.  The brain develops most between ages conception to age 2, and then continues to grow a lot until age 5.  Age 7 is the age of reason, so it must continue to grow.  The more positive experiences you have been exposed to, the more neurons you will have in your brain, therefore the smarter you will be.  If you are denied doing what you want and you are limited in what you do, you will not grow as many neurons (also if you are abused, your brain can become more prone to depression and delusions, especially when your brain is developing at a young age, due to the effects of misery to the area of the brain which handles sadness).  The more practice you get, the easier it will get.  As my father told me when I was a child, “you know, you can listen and read at the same time.”  My fiancĂ© agrees.  I can do it if the subject is not deep, like if I am doing easy paperwork, I can listen to other things at the same time, but if I am really in need of concentration, then I cannot and I also would need silence.  I often like to draw when I listen to people speak.  So, they are limiting brain development and progress. 
  • No reading in the class, just listening to a tape: reading aloud teaches you to truly read and proves you are paying attention.  My whole life, in every school, we all took turns reading from out of the books.  Now, they are to be quiet, and listen to the tape reading to them, while they “follow”- therefore, they are not learning how to read. 
  • Must look up at teacher or whoever is speaking at all times: makes you feel like crap, it is demotivating.
  • No more art class: we have two sides of our brains.  One is for thinking and one is for art.  So the artistic side (right) is completely ignored and the left side (thinking), is completely sabotaged.  You should see the art they do, it is horrible.  It is embarrassing.  You need to know how to make things look nice so you can learn to convey information to others and accurately portray reality.  It also makes you become more observant.  None of these skills are being addressed.
  • Not allowed to focus and concentrate anymore, always have to keep moving and changing topics to promote ADD.  In order to learn, be a student, and work an intellectual job, one must be able to study for very long periods of time.  I can work for 10 hours straight, easily.  I can concentrate and focus.  When I was a child, we did our work.  The teacher would sit in the front with her book.  We all had our book open to the correct page.  Then she would teach.  Maybe we would read aloud for a while.  She would ask questions and have us answer.  Then, we would do work related to the topic at our desks to make sure we learned.  If we had a question, we could go ask her and she would explain it to us, so we can learn.  There is nothing close to this in the classroom I was in (by the way, Harvard is responsible for this- it is their design).      
Visual Learning used against the children:
  • We are visual learners.  If you see it wrong, you will learn it wrong: Everything was wrong, all the grammar, everything, even when it was supposed to be right.  Just think back at how your memory works, and you look into your mind and try to picture what it was you were thinking about (you may even remember what page it was on).  I found out during a really hard test in organic chemistry I had a photographic memory- accordingly, I “blew the curve” (meaning I scored the highest grade- one other person had the same grade as me) and the professor asked me if I was going to become a brain surgeon!  So, this is how important visual memory is.  It was because this other girl from an ivy league school was telling me about her photographic memory, so I gave it a try during the test, and I sat there, took a sip of my drink, relaxed, and thought about the page where the answer was.  Next thing, the picture popped into my head, and I wrote the answer down!  Thank you ivy league girl!  (All she told me was she had a photographic memory, and how smart she was, nothing else... well, of course, I asked her what a "photographic memory" was.  She told me.  She said she could look at a page and then see it in her head later.  Relaxing and drinking my favorite drink was a skill I taught myself from all the hard tests I took.  I also decided to close my eyes as needed to make it easier.  It would not have worked had I not studied so hard.  I do not think I can just glance at a sheet of paper and remember it.  I think it only worked because I had analyzed it and thought about it so much while I was studying.  But of course, today, commoners are not taught to become smarter.)
  • When everything is spelled wrong: then you are illiterate, because if you cannot spell it, then you do not know what you are writing.  Errors must be corrected so children can learn.  It is not going to make them lose self-esteem, it will make them improve their intelligence, and in so doing, make them feel smarter and accomplished. 
  • The kids have to correct mistakes all day long: we are visual learners if you see it wrong, especially when it is typed up officially, then you will remember it wrong.
  • Kids’ books are garbage nowadays with tons of spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes.
  • But, the children’s mistakes go uncorrected.  They never see it right, therefore, they are never learning the proper way to do anything.
  • Grade each other's mistakes: again seeing it wrong, plus it is degrading to have a fellow student grade your work. 
Denied needs:
  • 3rd and 4th grade: Need one teacher for one grade- so teacher focuses on one class the whole time long and half the time is not wasted on teaching the other half of the class.
  • When you get treated bad, you do not feel comfortable, and therefore, learning is not as easy (Please refer to Piaget’s pyramid of needs: we need to have all of our basic needs met to elevate to more complex development- we need to feel secure).
  • No pencils for math!  No paper for math!  How many times did I look back at my old math notes in order to remember what I did, so I could better learn!  
  • Not allowed to use dictionaries: we learn by knowing what the answer is and why it is.  If we have questions which go unanswered, then we have gaps in our understanding, and therefore, we are not learning.
  • Not allowed to use a ruler, because what if you do not have one later in life (I learned what an inch was by looking at a ruler countless times).  "Use your finger" (which will grow and change)!  We are visual learners.  We need to see what an inch looks like and how long a ruler is, so we know what a foot is and what half a foot is.  If you do not see it, you will not learn it.  You must therefore, use it.  Then, if you do not have one, you can use your photographic memory to remember.  The reason why fingers do not work is because 1) you do not know what an inch looks like to begin with and 2) your finger will grow and change, so it is not a good reference (I am only stating the obvious). 
  • No orderliness no stability: therefore, no comfort, so no learning. 
  • No more gym class (no more stretching, exercises, and a sport, on a daily basis): sabotaging their bodies.
Setting them up for failure:
  • They had recess 4 times per day- constantly not being allowed to relax and focus (one time it rained out and they were not constantly running out every hour, guess what, they were all calm!  I was thinking how yet again, I am proven right): constantly getting up to go outside and run for 15 minutes (or just go out there every hour and think about non-academic related topics is distracting, draining, and promotes lack of concentration). 
  • No personal space: you can only learn best when you are comfortable.  You need personal space in order to be comfortable.   
  • Teaching based on a new “theory” of exposing children to a little bit of everything all at once.  Rather than teaching in a logical and orderly manner and progressing in difficulty with mastery- which has proven to work since at least the days of Plato.  I am sure every single study on the matter proves the same, but now the studies are all gone. 
  • Teach it to yourself!  I did not teach anything to myself until law school (otherwise, the closest I came was organic chemistry), after having proven my might as a student my whole life.  Even then, there were books to help me teach it to myself in law school.  Now, the children are sent to go learn things on their own.  Like geometry.  The theory is to just expose the children to it little by little and eventually they will learn- regardless of whether they get it right or wrong, regardless of whether they ever get to see what the answer was to conclude the session.  This is not how we learn.  We get taught properly, and then we progress to the next level.  Geniuses came-up with geometry.  How are 3rd and 4th graders supposed to teach it to themselves?  The games are poorly done, no answers, and I was not allowed to assist.   So they were supposed to guess, not know if it was right or wrong, and then move on to the next activity, because heaven forbid they should gain concentration skills or learn anything.  Even if the answers were there, it needs to be taught.  How about, they start by learning their shapes and how to tell time, then we can move on to everything else, and then later still, we can learn geometry.
  • No windows.  Super tiny classroom.  It was not only a safety hazard, often I would wonder what we would do if there was a real fire because there was no room.  We were all on top of each other, but it is not comfortable.  The new schools are deliberately not comfortable. Way too small, no windows (or tiny, useless windows).  When you study and read a lot it is good to look out the window and relax your eyes.  Looking at nature outside, makes you feel good.  Just having it there, makes you feel good.  “Feng shui” is the Chinese field of study on how to make the environment pleasant and comfortable.  I am sure we Americans have plenty of studies on how having enough space and windows is vital for comfort and well being, therefore, learning.    
  • One session of math consisted of: telling time, fractions, doing crazy, illogical math: in order to learn, you actually have to learn!  Not just scan over things wam bam!  It has to be explained, questions asked and answered, work, quizzes/tests, then once everyone is more or less ready, next topic, which progressively advances.  The current way of puking out information does not work, just see for yourself!  Plus it is just a theory!  Unlike the thousands of years of doing everything logically and orderly.  Not to mention surely every single study supports a logical and orderly fashion- but again, all the proof has mysteriously disappeared! 
  • Doing math horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Learning crazy, unnecessary, stupid math instead of real math.
Denied Truth:
  • Not allowed to criticize others: therefore, people will not be able to learn to improve, criticism is a healthy part of learning.  Not allowed to speak your mind.
  • History class is about other things, side topics, like making out of clay, something a pioneer would want- but of course, it cannot be a gun.  I saw a history book from another class with George Washington on the cover, he was standing like a stuck-up loser in the front of the boat, being rowed by everyone else.  Also, the books have not been approved by the government- or whoever is in charge of approving these books (it says it on the first few pages).  If you read them, it is nothing but altered facts and of course everything promoting the “New World Order”/CorpAmerica's agenda of America being a “quilt” instead of a “melting pot” without a history (melting pot indicated unity and strength, “quilt” depicts divisions and therefore weakness- like people not speaking English and/or not knowing about our culture), wherein we need to learn from foreign countries, since we really know no better than anyone else, because we are all equal.  Twisting the word “equal” to our disadvantage. 
Making Them Distrust their own Perceptions:
  • Teaching them the wrong thing: They will be given a scenario and told to determine which is fact versus opinion.   Which is fact versus fiction.  There is never any proof of it being factual.  We are always assuming.  Also, sometimes, opinions are factual, like “this is abuse”- and you can prove it. This way, they will go out into the world and blindly trust authority, because they are factual and not opinionated.  They are always taught that authority is factual and never to be questioned.  I cannot remember the scenario, but it was about driving and the speed limit.  The authority was clearly wrong, but the child had to answer it was correct and factual.  (I had taken pictures of everything I could, but of course do not have them anymore!  The modern age of technology, where nothing is permanent).   
  • Sabotage each other: "If you see someone break the law, you must immediately tell a police officer."
  • Teaching them to accept being abused and disrespected: They teach you if someone totally stabs you in the back, go up to them, forgive them, and whatever you do keep being their friend!  This counselor came in to teach them this and showed us a whole video on it!  If someone stabs me in the back, it is over!  Why would I put myself in harm's way?  Obviously, the person does not respect me!  It is called, “once shame on you, twice shame on me!”
  • One time it said to find two words that rhymed and the correct answer was wrong!  The words did not rhyme, they almost rhymed, but did not fully.  Everything is pulling away from science, precision, accuracy, exactness, into chaos, guessing, ambiguity, and confusion.  It makes the children disbelieve their own perceptions and feel dumb.  
  • The kids did not know the difference between a square and a rectangle because every single minute, insignificant difference is magnified and the relevant differences are ignored.
Physical Abuse:
  • No personal space: corporal punishment to be denied adequate comfort. 
  • Denied gym class, therefore, body is prohibited from "growing big and strong".  (The once per week, random, chaotic rat race, does not count as gym class.)  Gym class is supposed to be every single day and should consist of: stretching, exercises, and a real sport.  Gym is all-American and profoundly part of our culture.  This too, has been removed from us.
Mental Abuse:

  • Being denied a true education.
  • Not allowed to criticize others: denied freedom of speech, denied truth.
  • They had to put on their own band aids- this is abuse/neglect.  When you are hurt, it is nice to be cared for, it makes you feel better.  When no one cares about you, as proven by no one helping you, then you are being mistreated (we are supposed to have a full time school nurse and this person is supposed to take care of us when we are not feeling well, even if it is just psychological and/or we just need to get away and lay down).   
  • Not allowed to know their own grades or look in their own folders- only the parents were allowed to: not allowed to take ownership of their own work, so therefore, they are treated like garbage.  When we were their age, we took full responsibility for everything.  We packed our own bags.  We learned to be independent right from the start.  Now, the teachers pack their folders for them and the children are only supposed to put it in their bags.  They can see their grades when the parents do. 
  • Not allowed to laugh or talk: abuse.  Of course one should not be disruptive, but to constantly be yelled at for being “disrespectful”  is abuse.  Give people space instead of being on top of each other, falling over each other, crawling over each other, and maybe they will not talk as much.  We were a class of angels and this was the case in each and every school I went to.  We never got yelled at (or if we did, it was either insignificant, justified, or something because I cannot remember a single… wait, one time the French teacher yelled at my 7th grade class, he called us “lewd, crewed, and rude” (or something) which only made us laugh more (well, I did not laugh, he was disabled, but I did think his comment was funny), but we did deserve it.  Meanwhile these kids get yelled at all day long every day.  (When I was a kid, I used to love going to school each day.  The first days of school were always the most exciting.  If I were a child today, I would drop out in elementary school.  It must explain why some people want homeschooling, I never understood why before.  It is such a shame.  Schools used to “inculcate societal values” of freedom, independence, social skills, etc.  Now, it is to inculcate horror (and it started when I was in high school).
  • Mediocrity- the play was in regular clothing, with everyone holding scripts and it was in the classroom, with hand-drawn ugly decorations (they prepared for one week and then invited parents and kindergartners to come watch):  In order to feel good about yourself, you have to have real things and real accomplishments.  This is an unnecessarily degrading situation.
  • When you feel dumb, you have a negative perception of yourself.  The way things are taught, will make you feel dumb: They will tell you too much information on everything to the point where you cannot follow anymore, and then, you may feel dumb.  Meanwhile, keep it simple: nouns, verb (past, present, future), adjective, pronoun, preposition, adverb, and whatever else is necessary.  None of the crazy, confusing, exceptions or fancy words which no one needs to know about, not even an English major.   
  • They have white boards- temporary, nothing is really yours anymore.  "If you touch things in your desk, I will turn your desk around! You are being disrespectful!"

  • Both Physical and Mental Abuse:
  • Yelled at for living: they were called “disrespectful” for living.  When you are treated bad (prevented from doing something valid, legitimate, and needed for no valid reason, it breeds cruelty: cruelty breeds cruelty).  If someone did this to me, I would lose my mind.  Whenever someone forces you to be dumbed down, or limits your movement for no valid reason this has to count as abuse.  Based on all the pointless suffering I did those last two years of high school, it definitely counts as abuse. 
  • We were told via email we were not allowed to give them cough drops because it was just “psychological”: meanwhile, psychological is just as important, if not more important than physical because it is how we “feel” and how we are “perceiving” and if the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of the students are irrelevant, then clearly, they are being abused (which they are).  Plus cough drops are not purely psychological.  When I have one, I stop coughing and I do feel better.  There is a whole field called “psychology” and as a psychology major, I am here to say, it does count. 
  • No orderliness no stability: therefore, basic needs are not met and therefore, cannot achieve learning (please see Piaget’s pyramid).   
  • Must look up at teacher or whoever is speaking at all times- or you are being disrespectful (we do not care about respecting you though, kid).
  • Not allowed to get a drink of water after recess: this also depended on who you were.  If the teacher liked you, then you could have a drink.  But if she did not, you would only get yelled at to go sit down.  One time I watched half the class get a drink of water and it was finally Z.W.’s turn and she yelled at him to go sit down.  Meanwhile, he was the most active child out there during recess.  It is unfair and cruel.  You cannot deny people water!  Especially when you are thirsty!  (so it was random, sometimes they were allowed to get a drink, other times not, but if she did not like you, you were screwed, like Z.W.)
  • Being denied brain development.
  • Beind denied physical development.
  • Being denied happiness.
  • Corporal punishment- if they do something wrong during recess, they have to go stand against a wall. 
  • No more gym class: this is physical neglect to the point of abuse.  They cannot catch a ball, do a sit-up or anything.  And yet, they get tested on it.  They have been testing children since I was a child, so they are fully aware the children are no longer physically capable in any way.  Mission accomplished!  They cannot revolt, even if they wanted to, they are so weak and unhealthy!
  • Made to wait outside in the cold until school starts!  Meanwhile the teachers are allowed to have their children attend their school and their children do not have to wait outside in the mornings!  They do not suffer like the rest of the children.  They do not even have to go out for recess all four times or ever. 
  • Birthday parties: everyone's birthday for the month on one day and everyone can eat 5 cupcakes at once.  Have different people bring different things or do it the right way and let the child have his or her own day!
  • Meanwhile, recess is completely chaotic.  Many different games occurring at the same time next to each other, without clear delineations.  As a juris doctor, I do not approve.  It is unsafe.  A reasonably prudent person would not allow this. 
  • One session of math consisted of: telling time, fractions, doing crazy, illogical math.  
  • The kids did not know the difference between a square and a rectangle because every single minute, insignificant difference is magnified and the relevant differences are ignored.
  • How can anyone confuse a square and a rectangle?  Wait until you see how they explain it and then you will understand.  This is how everything is taught- in a mystery and yet everything is easy and knowable. 
  • Nouns: they now include thoughts!  A noun is also a thought now: person, place, thing, or idea!  Try to figure this one out!  Talk about ambiguity and unnecessary confusion.  Half the time the idea seems like a verb.  They make things which were clear and simple into enigmas (makes “learning” horrific, pointless, impossible, and makes the learner feel stupid). 
  • Everything is chaotic.  Remember when we had a spelling book, and all the words were related to each other: like all colors, all numbers, all animals, etc.?  Now it is random and based on phonics.  Not even in alphabetical order or in any kind of order.

  • No text books- no use of visual learning skills in a positive way.  They had some books, and they were just as chaotic and worthless as the Nazi teacher (as shocking as it is).  But, the books were hardly ever used.  It was mostly just sheets of paper handed out.  Remember when we had a book for each subject and it was very well done?  For example, spelling.  It included tricks on how to remember how to spell hard words (like for the word “business” it would tell you” “Bus-in-ess” so you could remember), questions, assignments.  Now it is half a sheet of paper with purely random words.  They have to write them and also put them in alphabetical order.  Also, write sentences.  What a waste of time, how degrading, insulting, and crazy.  We had everything right and now it is all wrong.  
  • English used to consist of: spelling, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.  Now it is random spelling and random grammar only.  They also have reading, but again, not aloud.  And the questions are all about ignoring and putting down our culture, while supporting other cultures in the world.  The words they are to define from out of the horrible stories promoting poverty are not going to help you in life, they are words you could easily figure out if needed. 
  • Promoting poverty: everything surrounded promoting poverty and inferiority.  For example, one time we heard a story about this guy who went to see the wise old man about a problem he had.  The problem was, he had no room in his house.  He had too many kids and they were all going crazy.  So the wise old man told him to bring the sheep into the house.  The guy was like, “what?  How is that going to help?”  The wise old man told him to just do it, so he did.  Things got far worse, so he told it to the wise old man who each time, kept making it worse and worse until the guy could not take it anymore.  So the wise old man then told him to remove everything he added.  So he did and the guy said, “thank you it is so much better, I am happy with the way things used to be.”  So now, the problem was solved, he had accepted the mediocrity.  Instead of finding a solution, he just accepted the mediocrity- because it could be worse!  This is no reason to accept mediocrity!  Plus, notice, obeying an authority figure, even if it makes no sense.       
  • Mediocrity- the play was in regular clothing, with everyone holding scripts and it was in the classroom, with hand-drawn ugly decorations (they prepared for one week and then invited parents and kindergartners to come watch): Meanwhile we have plenty of money for causes no American wants to support.  But for our own children, we have nothing. 
  • Everything is mediocre: How about they make something real with real things instead of using “bricks”?  These bricks are honored.  Each classroom has 3 huge crates of them.  When you walk into the school you can see an award they earned!  Wow!  An award for teaching them to play with toys they can do before going to bed at night!  Tax dollars well spent…not!
  • Teachers were taught to be teachers- and nothing else.  They used to have to be experts at what they taught or at least get a real degree to prove they can really learn.  But now, the degree is in “teaching”, which means using theory and the opposite of what studies say to do in order to: sabotage and abuse the children while providing chaos and mediocrity.     
  • Make your own book- sloppy, hard to follow, therefore, hard to remember.  The book content is whatever the teacher wants.  Take notes- this is your book, which you will need to study from!  
  • The teachers are allowed to do whatever they want randomly.  It may seem legitimate to someone not paying attention, they come in and write what they will do on the board along with the chaotic, random, pointless skills being “taught”- but this teacher, did not consistently follow what was up there, furthermore, it was up to her.  She could do anything she wanted.  It did not have to follow any order.  We need real text books, written by real experts with teacher versions of the books, just like we had when we were kids, so the teacher can follow what to do and can cover all the material we are supposed to learn.  It was so well done, logical, and orderly when I was a child, sometimes I would play “teacher” with my younger brother where I would pretend to be the teacher with my special teacher version text book, and he was the student.  These children are being denied a real education, this means their lives are being sabotaged.
Everyday, I would leave and think, "we can make a wheel out of a square, because it is still a shape, so it is the same thing as a circle, we just have to work harder to make it work, but it can be done."  Because that was the only lesson learned at the school. 

*This was written very late, Eastern Standard Time, (but my account is still set to Mountain Standard time), so I kept working on it without adding "updates".  Therefore, the email you received (if you are a subscriber) does not include everything.

Update 11-26-16:

Above, I use the words, "horizontally" and "vertically".  I kind of cringed as I wrote them because I know, these are not the words we were taught.  We were taught, "sideways" and "up and down", less scientific, more dumbed down.  I learned horizontal and vertical from my grandmother, because they were all taught right, so was my father.  Horizontal is like the sun-setting along the horizon, this is how I taught myself to remember it.  Guess what these poor kids are taught today?  You will not believe the horror: "hot dog" and "hamburger"!  Yes!  It I speak the truth about this and everything else!  It took me a while to understand because a hamburger does not really go up that much, and a big one can also be the same length as a hot dog, so it does not work with all hot dogs and all hamburgers (therefore, it does not work- it is more proof of them making our children illogical and unscientific), furthermore it is disgusting, insulting, degrading, and just more proof of the fact we are under complete attack.  

Update 11-26-16- Look at this picture:
I just found this picture in my dropbox:
School 1
It is a poster, I believe from in the teacher's lounge.  You may want to zoom in to see what is written in red ink.  Please click on the picture to enlarge it.  I have a trillion pictures of inside the schools somewhere... after having this just pop out at me... I will look in my Dropbox for more!
Here is the top part of this poster.  This was one of the many schools in which I worked:

...Later still...
The moment you have all been waiting for, some pictures!  Here are some pictures (Please click on the pictures to enlarge them:
Note from the teacher's daughter.
Now for some beautiful art work!  See!  Who needs an art teacher?  We have parents!

Toys instead of real materials from which to make real things and therefore, really learn:

 Classroom: Looks almost okay until everyone comes into the room.
Phonics: Place random words together based on random thoughts!  This is how we will teach them to read and spell!


Results of this type of "education" (a type which is based soley on theory and goes completely against every study ever made in addition to over 2,000 years of real learning):
Gas Station.
Anti-science and anti-art: does not have to look good or be accurate and we will not correct you!

Mediocrity Continued:
We do not use pencils for math and this is the current state of everything.
It is a real joy!  Thanks for regulating commerce!
Free advertising:
Games... fun, fun!

I am sure George Washington would love this picture.
Life, Liberty, and....?
The right to "happiness" has been changed to "property".
Wait until you see how wonderful it all means!

Our teachers just called them our "rights".
I added "birth" to it because we are endowed with them by our Creator.
But as you can see, we are no longer naturally allowed to be happy!
But we can own books!

I thought life was the right to be fulfilled and
succeed.  Achieve all of your dreams.

Okay, so the right of a debt-slave, basically?

Nice to know our work is our own! 
No really, I prefer to have "happiness" as a Right 
because obviously, I have to keep buying things,
since the whole economy is based on us all being
so this is no right at all!
Plus, they can take away your property very easily!
Books sold to children for their own personal reading from private companies!  Good thing there are no such things as conspiracies!

Nice to know we have nothing at all!

Instead of the pledge of allegiance.  (this was from a different school). 
School 1
S.S. in the school!
Students were never unhappy when I went to school,
until our rights got taken away.

She polices the students!
Need I say more?
Cannot spell anything!

 Multiplication table glued to the desk!
School 1
Generation X's self-image:
 Millenial's Self-Image:
Tattling is now honored, but of course, where to draw the line?  So there are rules!
 We are visual learners... see it wrong!  See it wrong!

 Who cares?

More proof of being illiterate: 

Mission Accomplished!  The kids are illiterate, out of shape, know nothing, are confused about everything, and have no faith in themselves!
I had way more pictures, but these are the best of what I had!

Update 11-28-16:
Here is the pyramid (I was wrong, this is Maslow's pyramid, not Piaget's): you cannot obtain the highest needs without having all the ones beneath it met:

Some also add: rest to "Physiological needs"; physiological safety to "safety needs"; affiliation, acceptance, affection to "belonging needs"; feeling of accomplishment to "esteem needs"; and achieving individual potential to "self-actualization needs"; as seen below:
  • Also, with respect to the Right to "life", which we were endowed by our creator with, I also expect all of these needs to be included because without all of your needs being met, then there is no life!  
In one of my psychology courses, "Drugs and Human Behavior" at Rutgers, my professor, David Epstein taught us just about everything they say about illegal drugs is a lie and/or completely unproven.  He gave us all the real facts he had instead, although he also said there was no such thing as "crack babies" and I wonder about this one, there were also a couple other things I wondered about, but they were never adequately studied for legal reasons, yet he hit the nail right on the head with the main point.  Gee, I wonder why the Library of Science and Medicine is gone?  Everything has already been proven and was sitting right there for all to see in plain English (or not there, as is the case with made-up propaganda)!  Now it is gone!   

Update 11-28-16, evening:
1) Added "School 1" only to specific pictures from school 1: poverty sign, Nazi pledge, and multiplication table on desks.  Everything else came from school 2.
2) I just removed the third pyramid because it represents the modern day loss of rights.  What we learned was greatness.  What they are learning now is horror.  I asked a college student the other day how school was going.  She told me she was taking a philosophy class.  I told her how great Plato was.  She said, "oh yeah, we have not gotten to it yet".  I was shocked, Plato is usually right at the beginning because it is the foundation of philosophy and logic.  So I asked her, "what are you studying?"  She said, "conformity"!  Need I say more?  I told my fiance, he said, "so in other words, they are studying definitions" (and the semester is almost over, so what did they learn?).  We never discussed "conformity".  The whole point of philosophy is to think for yourself.  Plato and Socrates would come back from the dead just to fight back against everyone responsible for this, which quite obviously happens to be the very same people responsible for all the destruction of our country and the world!  Especially them!  Their mission was to destroy conformity and teach logic so all could learn to think for themselves and make their own decisions, which is why Socrates was put to death.  Yes, I did not ask more, I just left it at the answer of "conformity".  I had to catch a train and besides, it is obvious, if they are teaching this in a philosophy class, there is nothing redeemable about it.  Maybe it would be okay in a sociology class.
3) Also notice, in the "games" above, they were not using proper grammar.  Everything is wrong, whether officially deliberately so (as with most of the assignments), just deliberately so (in everything else), or because there is no standard of quality (because the teachers are dumb and not told to make sure they get it right).  I saw the same dumb counselor discussed above, put up the non-existent word, "eachother" up on the wall!  This is a school!  We are visual learners!  Have some RESPECT for the students!  Our job is to teach them, not sabotage and abuse them!
4) Just because whomever is supposed to approve these books did not approve these books, does not mean our government means well (CLEARLY, THEY DO NOT).  What about enforcement?  If the books have not been approved, then why are they even in the schools? The George Washington propaganda book above, was not approved by whomever approves books for schools.  Even if they had been approved, they should not be in the schools.  Oh, wait, Harvard approves!  This whole "education" is "brought to [us] by the makers of..." "Harvard".
5) Many of these pictures are blurry because I was secretly working on behalf of, "we the people".  You have to be fast, in light of all the people and cameras!
6) Well, back to the book above, it is one of the best books ever made, according to everyone who matters: http://www.civiced.org/resources/research/researchevaluation  The people who made this book are very honorable and what they are doing in this country and around the world is "swell" (may as well use a stupid word to go along with the stupid lies only a stupid person would believe)!
Please visit http://www.civiced.org/about/37  for more information, like how both parties of congress support this book - I am sure this is completely true!
7) Yes, there is a ruler in the picture next to the George Washington propaganda book, but this book was located in the P.B.S. (Positive Behavior Supports) classroom, so those students were treated differently than the mainstream students (during times of the day when they were in this classroom), perhaps it is because those working with special needs students are more educated.  I assure you, I heard the Nazi teacher tell students they were not allowed to use a ruler and "use your finger or a marker, what if you don't have a ruler later on in life?"  Both options are insane, neither option teaches anything, you cannot invent learning: it either happens or it does not.  You cannot invent knowing what an inch looks like!  Fingers and markers are not rulers, they do not indicate an inch on them, so why would you tell them to use a growing finger or a random marker?  
8) I took a whole course at Rutgers on how to determine the validity of a study and the validity of claims made in the studies.  I glanced over what was written on the links for the book above, and it looks like a bunch of misleading statements- for example, they scored well on tests, because compared to those who did not have the book, they did better.  Okay, who wrote the test?  Obviously someone who turned their back on the American people, so passing this test is no achievement and therefore, this book is worthless.  
9) I also worked in a third school.  I could not believe the schedule system they had.  It was crazy and impossible to understand.  Thankfully, we were in the E.R.R. Room, Extra Resource Room (yes, basically, we called it the extra resource room room), for the children who had the most severe autism and other developmental disorders.  So, we did not have to follow the schedule.  I was so relieved, because when I saw it, I shook my head in disbelief.  Every day is different, in crazy ways.  Now I know why, to make the poor middle schoolers feel dumb.  Also, to promote chaos, mediocrity, and the support of illogical rules.  (Later, I worked in two other schools).
10) When I was a kid and an adult would tell me to do something or not do something, I would always ask "why", whether it was to them directly or to one of my relatives.  If the reason was not good enough, I did not listen.  My family always gave me reasons for everything, they were usually very good reasons (ex., "please be quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so we can sleep" or anything else logical).  Maybe this is why I was always so demanding.  I have always had a need for a good, logical reason.  However, someone on my mother's side of the family (perhaps my mother, perhaps her mother, perhaps both of them) told my not to lick raw cake batter or I would end up with worms in my stomach.  I did not believe it for a second.  As soon as they looked away, I immediately dunked my finger in the batter and got a nice big mouthful!  Guess what?  I never got worms.  I have eaten tons of raw cake batter.  One summer, I made cakes all summer long, almost every day (banana bread and carrot cake).  I cleaned the bowl clean each time, and never did I get worms.  I did it right in front of my mother, so if she is the one who told me this, then she knows it is not true.  I also remember doing it in front of my grandmother, because we baked many cakes together.  Whoever told me this, must have said it when I was 3, 4, or younger, because I openly licked the batter in later years.  Probably younger because my memories are pretty strong from age 3 going forward.  I really have no idea.  The point is, why do something without a good reason for it?  Looking back, everyone gave us good reasons.  Most of the time, we did not have to ask, they would just explain it.  How is looking away from someone speaking disrespectful?  Is it not more disrespectful to force someone to physically watch another person speak the entire time long?  Is it not disrespectful to make all the children in the school sit on the floor for over one hour to watch a performance?  Why are they not given chairs?    

Updates 12-2-16:
  1. Brain surgeon comment:  My professor asked me if I was going to become a brain surgeon.  Why?  Was I obnoxious?  Was this just a secret insult?  No, neither.  It was Organic Chemistry at Rutgers during the summer.  Filled with Ivy Leaguers who wanted to ace Organic Chemistry at their school, so they took it here first.  It was the first test of the second semester.  I blew the curve.  As usual, I wanted to know what I got wrong.  I went to the professor, Dr. Connor, during his office hours.  I asked him what I got wrong.  He told me and then asked me what my major was.  So I told him, “psychology”.  This is when he asked, “are you going to become a brain surgeon?”  He was a great professor.  We could actually understand him, which was nice.  The first semester the professor was Indian or something and none of us could understand a word.  I had become friends with a girl from Yale.  We were close and at the end of the summer, she sent me an email telling me people at Yale are, "the leaders of the herd".  I replied, "This is not a herd and you are not the leaders."  She never wrote back.
  2. Cakes: yes, one summer I made cakes a lot.  All from scratch, just a couple dollars each at most.  Then my mother, brother, and I would eat them (my father was always travelling).  I enjoyed making them, in case anyone is wondering.  Summers are made to have fun the whole time long, especially when you are a kid.  I love to cook.  I came-up with "Eat at Mary's" when I was in middle school in the print shop class.  I made place mats which said, "Eat at Mary's".  I figured, if I had a restaurant, this is what I would name it.  Then my friend in Ohio, Mary Kay, saw my place mats on the table and said, "eat at Mary's"?  and then laughed (well, I do not know in which order, she may have laughed first and then said it, followed by more laughter; or whatever).  It took me a while to understand.  So as you can see, Eat at Mary's it is! 
  3. “No such thing as a dumb question": is what all our teachers told us.  Now it seems, every question is a dumb, unacceptable question- figure it out yourself!  If we told you the answer and explained it, you might learn!  Duh!
  4. Why the George Washington Propaganda book is worthless:  the argument I gave above: because the one who wrote the test turned their backs on the American people, hence the book is worthless.  My true thought process was this: the book is nothing but propaganda and lies; if the kids are doing well on the test, then the test is all propaganda and lies, therefore the book is worthless and so is the test.  Besides, the true Americans who were in charge of approving the book for schools, did NOT approve this book.  As an American, I do not approve of this book either. 
  5. Blurry pictures: well, looking back at my blog, somehow some pictures of long ago look blurry.  I have no idea how it happened.  I had the least expensive phone for over 10 years.
  6. P.B.S.- Actually, it is “P.B.I.”- Positive Behavior Intervention.
  7. “Definitions” obviously my fiancĂ© was being sarcastic.  Learning “definitions” is not something you do as part of a class (unless you have not yet graduated from high school).  It is something you do while studying, with a dictionary, on your own time. 
  8. What is worse? Bad words or an ugly self-image?  Just as we are not allowed to use bad words in front of children, they should also not be exposed to EVERYTHING they are exposed to in the schools. 
  9. As I wrote in my book, you may want to read:
  • Common Sense, by Thomas Paine,  and
  • Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau

  1. 10. Why am I successful and yet want everyone else to have what I have: the power that be knows all about psychology and exactly how to make us fight against each other.  Some people may gain what I have and think, too bad for everyone else, I worked hard, therefore, I deserve it.  I on the other hand, do not rule my brain with emotions, instead, I am objective.  EVERYONE should have what I currently have and MUCH more just for being a human being.  I stay true to the truth.  Is this not the 21st Century?  Have we made no progress?  By now everyone in the world should be well off. 

  1. 11. Fact versus Opinion: not only can they both be one and the same, thus making the distinction pointless and also confusing because it makes it seem like one is right and the other is incorrect (which from a psychologist’s perspective is completely wrong), but also it is a waste of time- just as is everything being taught today.  We learned fact from fiction in our library class.  One was real and one was fake.  Separate sections of the library. 

  1. Here is an example:
  2. “A tortoise can live to be 150 years old” fact or opinion? (I just got this out of one of my books for my patients).  We do not know it is a fact, because we have no proof, so saying it is a fact, teaches children to blindly trust what our “authority” figures say “facts” are.  I would have no problem if the task was to find the source and determine if it is a valid, real fact.  This way children could learn to find true facts versus propaganda.  Then, and only then, would it be meaningful.  Another choice: mistakes versus lies.  Something else, so children would know to learn to think for themselves
  3. 12. Punctuation: I said the degrading, insulting “games” above had poor “grammar”.  I meant, “punctuation”- Our culture is: logical, orderly, and scientific.  Therefore, so too is our language- which apparently, according to our officials, we have neither a language nor a culture.  In reality, however, we do and punctuation is crucial for the orderliness of our language: so too is spelling, reading, writing, and grammar- ever wonder why we no longer have an “English” class for our children?  Well, now you know why- to destroy our culture- the one they say does not exist.  

AGAIN, sorry for the way this looks- I have NO control over the editing and NO time to waste.   I would spend a few minutes on it if it would work, but if you saw what it keeps doing to me, you may just walk away from it also.
I cannot even correct my grammar in #2 above for the tortoise example.  It should say, "were" not "was" ("if the task was to...").  I like making everything look nice and this is horrible.  Please be sure to read what it says, even though the chaos makes it difficult to follow.