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Shazzie: The EXPERT Behind "My" Diet!

Shazzie: Our Hero!
Hello Everyone, 

I got the recipe for "my" juice from a raw, vegan "cookbook".  The name of the juice is, "Brutus is Scared".  Brutus is the person who stabbed the mighty Julius Caesar in the back. Brutus is also Popeye's enemy who is always stronger than him until Popeye eats spinach! 
This is the book: 

The recipe comes from: Shazzie.
Thank you Shazzie, I bet if you add the lemon, it tastes much better, just like you suggest.  I am forever indebted to you!  Your juice is the most amazing thing!  

Everyone, this is all about Shazzie:

Shazzie is a leading dietitian and health expert.  So there is your expert everyone!  Eat what she says to eat.  She is completely right!

Caution: I only guarantee the results of "my" diet, if you follow my version of the Brutus is Scared Recipe (2010 Posts).  I put a lot of everything in it.  

Morton's Iodized Salt- Why Would You Want Anything Else?

This is the salt I use, it is perfect!  It has iodine in it, it is made in the U.S.A.  Why would anyone want anything else?  It is clean, it is healthy, it is American.  It is also inexpensive.

If I had a restaurant, this is what I would
use.  Only the very best!  
Made in the U.S.A.

Juices and Smoothies/Shakes from Fresh Direct

Please click on the picture to enlarge it.
To the left, a protein shake.
To the right, a juice.
As you will read on the label below,
this juice dates back to ancient Rome!

Very good juice, very refreshing.
I would rather make it myself if I could,
so I could get more of it.
Look, this too is raw!*
It was yummy!  What I learned was,
we can also use hemp protein!

* Just a side note, notice the bag of potatoes in the background?  These potatoes are grown in Idaho.  Idahoans could survive if the rest of the world fell apart, because they grow food.  How about your state?  How about your country?

Vegetable Mix: An Easy Meal to Make

Vegetable Mix:
Serves 1
Preparation time: ~ 25 minutes

  • Paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Pan with cover
  • Medium pot with cover

  • 1 pint (.5 liters) Brussels sprouts (sliced)
  • 8 oz. (.25 kilograms) broccoli florets
  • 2 medium tomatoes on the vine, cut
  • Desired amount of thyme (I put a generous amount in it)
  • Desired amount of iodized salt
  • Desired amount of Italian extra virgin olive oil
  • Desired amount of Uncle Ben’s Original White Rice (Made in the U.S.A.) I used one cup.
  • Optional: Top with an avocado.

  1. Prepare the ingredients.
  2. Get water boiling in pot for the rice.
  3. Place olive oil in pan, followed by tomatoes, then the other vegetables, and finally, the thyme.
  4. Cook for ten minutes on medium, covered.
  5. Cook rice.
  6. Stir the vegetables and cook for another ten minutes covered.
  7. Add iodized salt to vegetables and stir.
  8. When rice is done cooking, add iodized salt and some extra virgin olive oil.  Then stir.
  9. Serve and enjoy!

Brooklyn Vegan Deliveries: Score of the Week!

I ordered juice from:
Brooklyn Crepe and Juice
32 oz. each!

Current State of Research

Hello Everyone,

I updated the "They say 'Nein'..." Post on October 14, 2016 with a very serious, yet brief, discussion about the current state of research.

Please come look at it!

Chewable, Sweet, Vegan B-12

I like these.

Download My Logic Book for Free! (It was written for everyone, especially the cool people!)

It was written for everyone, especially the cool people!
Check the link to the right.
This book is short and easy to read.
Click the link to the right for a free copy (web version); or click below to buy this book on Amazon.

"The Bigger the Lie, the More Likely People will Believe It." Adolf Hitler (He was a vegan.)

"The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it."
 The lie is eating animals is necessary.
For reasons why being a vegan is the only way to be civilized, please see the following posts:

February 2016

"The Vegan Guarantee"

May 2014
"Vegan Video",
"Meat & Dairy = Cancer & Heart Disease",
"How Chickens are Really Treated in Factories", and
"Hidden Video on Animals being Killed in the Meat Industry"

April 2014
"Got Rot?"

March 2014
"Animal Protein --Meat and Dairy-- Cause Cancer"

January 2014
"The American Parasite"

July 2010
"Benefits" of being a vegan.

Just because everyone else is eating like savages, does not make eating the bodies of dead animals healthy or correct.

Just because animals cannot speak does not make them worthless.  Being unable to speak does not mean being unable to think and feel.
By the way, the key to being a vegan is the miraculous juice (located under 2010).
*Pardon the appearance, editing this post is impossible- no matter what.  

Monday, October 17, 2016


Raw Alignment
Published on Oct 16, 2016

Everything she says about the benefits of being a (raw) vegan is true.  Please see the "benefits" of being a vegan located in my 2010 posts.    

Vegan Lentil Pasta

Dear Viewers,

I decided to try something new, lentil pasta.  It contains approximately double the amount of protein than whole wheat pasta (15 grams per serving).  However, it does contain less fiber than whole wheat pasta.  I had to cook it a tiny bit longer than the label said, but you should see for yourself.  As always, please click on the images to enlarge them.  In case you are wondering, yes, I would make it again, provided it is completely made in the U.S.A.  [30 minutes later.... and it is!  I went to Modern Table's website, asked them, and they immediately replied!  The manufacturing plant is in Idaho!  Dig in everyone!]

Update couple hours later: My husband tried it and said it was good!  He ate a bowlful!    

Vegan Delivery Rip-Off

Hello Everyone,

I do not like to criticize a vegan restaurant because I am so grateful for them.  However, this one needs to be criticized.  I either paid too much or received too little.  I was left hungry and in need of more food!  Yet, I spent a lot of money on this!  I will have to cook for the rest of the week as a result!

I was so excited, but this is what I received:

This juice was very expensive
so I had ordered a less expensive
one, but they were out.  So they called me
first and then sent me this one.
Totally not enough.
Potato Soup!  Please!
More like bouillon water, celery, carrots,
and a tiny bit of potato.
Vegan Chickpea Salad wrap.  
All I could think was,
"That's it?"
Very good pudding.  But the granola
came with sea salt.  The pudding
was made by them and contained
Himalayan salt.
Why not American?  Still better than sea salt though.
Another angle, it was very good.
But again, too expensive.  It was
the best part of the meal!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

7 Things That Happen When You Quit Eating Meat & Dairy!
Published on Jul 12, 2016

You may also want to visit YouTube and read all the comments for this video!  

Also, below is a link to her blog where she discusses the glory of raw fruits and vegetables:

Everything she says is completely true, as I have experienced myself instantly upon becoming a vegan and drinking the juice (2010 posts) over 13 years ago and ever since then.  Add the juice and many more benefits will occur, as listed in my 2010 posts.  The juice is your key to being a raw vegan.  So come see for yourself!  It is unbelievable and miraculous!

(No wonder they make healthy food expensive!  This way people cannot afford it!  It is much easier to control and keep down weak, unhealthy, insecure people who are out of touch with their bodies.)

Friday, October 14, 2016

They say, "Nein", I say, "Hell Ya"!

"Berlin has become a vegan mecca, with ice cream shops like Kontor Eismanufaktur Berlin (pictured here), restaurants and even butchers catering to a plant-based diet. Now Germany's nutritionists warn that a vegan diet can't provide all a body needs."

I read this article, "Can A Vegan Diet Give You All You Need? German Nutritionists Say 'Nein'" and then I read the main article from the D.G.E. which I sifted through below:

The German Nutrition Society ("D.G.E.") is against health and wellness because they do not support a vegan diet.  This is willful blindness.  When I was a child, my mother told me about her mentor, Jean-Victor who told her long ago, studies proved meat causes cancer, especially in females.  She also told me he said dairy is also bad for you [please see 10-21-16 update below for citations].  Furthermore, she added, sugar then feeds all the “candida” in your body.  I kept eating everything because I too was brainwashed (even though my whole life I thought about the poor animals being eaten).  Now I have evolved and I invite the rest of you to join me. 

Here is their direct article:

They say:
“The principle reasons for a vegetarian diet are ethical (e.g. rejection of intensive livestock farming), as well as ecological aspects, sustainability and health aspects.” (p. 92)

It is not just “health aspects” is actually because this is the only correct way to eat, which you will see if you try my diet per the 2010 posts.

They say:
“There were no differences between the two groups with respect to mortality [12]. These results indicate that we cannot currently assume a health advantage of vegetarians in comparison with persons consuming a comparable diet with a low level of meat. However, it can be assumed that a plant-based diet (with or without low levels of meat) is associated to a reduced risk of nutrition-related diseases in comparison with the currently conventional German diet.”

Compare those who consume rot to those who eat vegan, not comparing them to "vegetarians". 

They say:
“The mixed diet recommended by the DGE contains low levels of meat and meat products, as well as fish. The animal-based foods in this diet contribute to the supply of the nutrients protein resp. essential amino acids, as well as long chain n-3 fatty acids (eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]), vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12 (cobalamin), calcium, iron, iodine, zinc and selenium. As vegetarian diets (• Table 1) avoid several or even all of these foods, an adequate supply of these nutrients may be difficult. Adequate supply of these nutrients must be ensured by a well-directed selection of plant-based foods. Alternative sources of nutrients for vegans are summarised in Table 2…” (p. 93)

It was extremely easy for me to get all my nutrition from my diet (2010 posts), except for B12, which I easily get from Vegetarian B12 tablets (per blood work taken). 

They say:
“Nutrient supply in a vegan diet in pregnancy was investigated in a systematic review. The studies were heterogenous, with respect to both their methodology and their results. Some of the studies were rated as being of poor quality. Bearing in mind these limitations, the authors concluded that a freely chosen vegetarian or vegan diet without financial restrictions is safe during pregnancy, if nutrient supply is observed and nutrient deficits are compensated for [3]” (p. 95),

Why are we again bringing in vegetarians in this comparison?  Why are not only just vegans being compared?  Of course it will be “heterogeneous” and therefore, unreliable, because the vegans will be healthy and the vegetarians will not be healthy. 
Note, they are correct about the financial issues- if we all could afford food, we could all afford to be vegan.  Something is really wrong in the world, when people cannot afford to eat as they please, inter alia (as though it was not already obvious from all the other problems).

They say:
“The foods consumed in a vegan diet are not necessarily nutritionally favourable or health-promoting.” (p. 96)

Obviously, a person could technically live off of Oreo cookies and be considered a vegan.  Aside from the insane, vegans who drink the juice and follow my diet per the 2010 posts, will be far healthier than any rot eater (a person who eats meat and dairy).  Try it for yourself before making a decision.  You owe it to yourself to seek and find the truth. 

They say:
“Table 2 shows the options for vegan nutrition that ensure the intake of potentially critical nutrients. The sources for potentially critical nutrients are natural foods rich in these nutrients, fortified foods and dietary supplements. Vegans should specifically incorporate these in their menus. In this way and with specific food selection and good planning, it is possible to create a vegan diet in which no nutrient deficiency develops.” (p. 96)

No need for supplements or fortified foods if you drink the juice, follow my diet, and take your vegetarian vitamin B12 pills.  I am sure supplement manufacturers are out there hoping for more money when they do not at all need it.  Give it to the farmers instead who provide a life and future for us all.  “No farms, no food.” 

They say:
Page 96, they give babies two options: cow’s milk or soy milk- neither of them are healthy (though of course they say the cow’s milk is).  Even though milk contains casein, a known carcinogenic.  

Try giving people a real option if you are going to pretend to do a study.  Like raw almond milk. 

They say:
“International and national statements and recommendations The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics4 [24]5 takes the position that an appropriately planned vegan diet that includes dietary supplements and fortified foods is nutritionally adequate and is appropriate for individuals during all stages of the lifecycle, including pregnant and lactating women. This position is supported by scientific societies in other countries, including the National Health and Medical Research Council in the nutrition recommendations for Australia [69], the Portuguese National Programme for the Promotion of a Healthy Diet [74] and – for adults – the British Nutrition Foundation [25]. The Canadian Paediatric Society [75] also states that a well-planned vegan diet, including dietary supplements, can cover the nutrient requirements in children and adolescents, if adequate energy intake is ensured. In the opinion of the British Nutrition Foundation [25] a well-planned, balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can be nutritionally adequate. More extreme diets, such as strict macrobiotic and raw food diets, are often low in energy and a range of micronutrients, making them wholly inadequate and inappropriate for children. Moreover, the Portuguese National Programme for the Promotion of a Healthy Diet [74] recommends that breastfeeding for infants on a vegan diet should be extended beyond the recommended period of six months until 2 years of age during the food diversification process. In this way, it could be ensured that infants and toddlers received adequate supplies of high quality milk protein. The network „Healthy Start – Young Family Network“ states that a vegan diet is unsuitable for infants and toddlers, as it does not ensure their nutrient supplies. The network emphasises the risks for the child’s development, as well as the necessity of medical advice and taking dietary supplements [76– 79]. Moreover, the recommendations of the Nutrition Committee of the German Society of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine rejects a vegan diet for healthy infants, unless dietary supplements are taken [68].” (p. 98)

Drink the juice, follow my diet, take vegetarian B12 pills.  No need for fortified food or “supplements”.

Then they give us their baseless, biased, unscientific conclusions:

They say:
“The risk of nutrient undersupply or a nutritional deficiency is greater in persons in sensitive phases of life, such as pregnancy, lactation and in infants, children and adolescents taking or being given a vegan diet, than in healthy adults on a vegan diet. With some nutrients, a vegan diet without fortified foods or dietary supplements leads to inadequate intake, which may have considerable unfavourable consequences for health. Since rejecting any animal foods increases the risk of nutrient deficiencies and thus of health disorders, a vegan diet is not recommended by the DGE during pregnancy or lactation, or for children or adolescents of any age. It is essential that persons who nevertheless decide to adhere to a vegan diet should note the above points.”

There is no bases to say rejecting animal food increases nutrient deficiencies:  I was only missing B12, which you can easily get from a vegetarian pill. 
You want calcium- raw almond milk you make for yourself, see the 2010 posts.
You want everything but B12: Juice, and a vegan diet, see the 2010 posts.
You want B12: get a Vegetarian B12 pill bottle.

By the way, notice how they ignored and omitted all the studies over the last at least 50 years which show how damaging to the body meat and dairy products are?  They omit juicing.  This is not a scientific study.  This is just garbage.  Read it for yourself.  

You want “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, our God-given Right, per our brave, logical, freedom-loving forefathers (even Ben Franklin was a vegetarian… they did not have juicers back then)?  You also demand to have all of our Rights, per the Bill of Rights returned to the People?  Well, this is just a vegan blog :( 

Update 10-17-16:
Back to the "study"; in the alternative, let us say food for children should be fortified with supplements... if so, so what?  It does not mean one cannot eat vegan!  Everyone is supposed to take vitamins and supplements as it is, especially children and infants.  Therefore, the whole article is pointless... except to play mind games with those who have not read it and blindly trust "authority" figures.  
Eating animals and animal products is bad for you!  Try vegan and see for yourself!  Start with the 2010 posts.

Update 10-21-16:  My mother just asked Jean-Victor, who is now 80 years old, where he got this information from.  He responded via text, "maybe in a book from Henri Charles Geffroy, theorist of vegetarianism and founder of la Vie Claire (the clear life).  See Gout Gueule".  I just translated this from French.  My mother has just updated me, he is now looking for this book.  I will keep you all posted.  She says he is not sure if he has this book with him in Paris.  By the way, Jean-Victor's mother was a biologist and he has studied food his whole life.  These would be French studies from 40+ years ago.  Hopefully he can find the book!   

Update 10-21-16: Evening: Well according to J.V., this man is a "theorist".  So, I am not sure what French studies there are.  If this were the 1990s, we would have no problems.  I would just go to my library, "The Library of Science and Medicine" at Rutgers and type in "meat and health" (or meat and heart disease/cancer/etc.) into a search engine computer.  Next, it would list every single study related to meat and health and nothing else.  It would show me abstracts, so I could decide if the article were right for me.  It would also tell me where to find it in the library.  Then, I would get the book, open it up, and read the whole study for free.  I would be able to do this all day and all night- every single study I ever wanted.  
But all the books are now gone!  So all the studies which proved everything (we peaked in the 1990s) are now gone and cannot be accessed.  They have been replaced with ineffective computers which if you type in "meat and health", who knows what you would get and then you would have to pay at least $30-$70 to read it!  
How can one do research like that?  I used to go in, with my copy machine card, dictionaries, highlighters, pencils, pens, and a notebook.  Look-up whatever topic I wanted to.  Pulled up several studies at the same time (all the ones I thought were the best).  Next I would copy all of the studies.  Put the books on the return rack.  Sit in a cubicle.  Lastly, study and learn to my heart's content.  It was wonderful!  I loved every minute of it!
So now, research is dead.  It is very sad.  I used to live in the library of science and medicine... along with both of my dictionaries: standard/college and medical.  
Time to just see for yourself- I am not the only one saying this is the right way for you to eat. 
I invite all of you to sincerely try my diet.  It starts with the 2010 posts.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe - New York City

Hello Everyone,

I went to the Hard Rock today, with two great guys (as can be seen in the picture below).  Not quite vegan, but almost!  The restaurant had a vegetarian page/menu.  I could not get anything from this special menu because it all involved cheese or a sriracha sauce with mayonnaise.  So I selected a Veggie Burger from the main menu:

It came with pepper, mushroom, and zucchini.  The mushroom was good.  The French fries were very good, but as you can see from the picture, not enough.  I am still not sure what was in the veggie burger.  When I ordered it, I thought it would all be vegetables.  So I ended up eating just the vegetables and fries (not the burger itself).

The Hard Rock Cafe has always been my favorite restaurant and I know why it was founded; for the perfect burger in England, where there was none.  However, times have changed, eating dead cows is a thing of the past (it is unhealthy, unnecessary, and cruel).  Consuming cow's milk products is also a thing of the past (it is unhealthy, unnecessary, and cruel).  Same thing with eggs.  Time to move on!

On my way out, I noticed a beautiful artifact from one of our freedom-loving, American heroes, Jim Morrison (click on the picture to enlarge):

"It only hurts when I laugh."

Sunday, October 9, 2016

My "Preferred Best" Health Status from being a Vegan

Hello Everyone,

I just purchased life insurance.  In order to get it, they examined my health.  After seeing how healthy I am, they bumped me up to a rating class of "Preferred Best".  I am in such good health!  Being vegan is the right way to eat and drinking the juice is a necessity.

Do not take my word for it, try it for yourself!  Directions on how to do so are located in the 2010 posts.  To your health and happiness!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Mysterious B.S.

Dear Viewers,

One of my followers this morning asked me who wrote to me and why I was thanking people for writing to me on my blog.  I told him I did not thank anyone for writing to me.  So he sent me the email he received from my blog, indicating a new post, this is what he received:

Yet, if you look at this post below, I do not thank anyone for anything in it.  He went to the actual blog and it was fine for him too, but the email had this mysterious message in it (if you click on the picture, it will enlarge so you can read it).  How did this message appear when I never wrote it?  

Also, as for the video of Tony, the number of views on YouTube is more B.S.  Every time I refreshed the page, there were more hits, almost every single time (I would randomly come to YouTube and refresh it).  I had almost 200 hits and then the next day, it was down to 66 hits.  I did not even believe the 200 hits because it took 2 days to get to that point, yet every time I refreshed the page on YouTube, there were more hits, so why would there only be 200 hits in 2 days?  There should be thousands (conservatively).  Then, the next day it was down to 66!  How does one lose hits?  I took pictures to post them (because I had taken a picture of when it got to 69, out of humor), but there was no date or time on the pictures, so it does not prove anything.  Now I am at 70 something on YouTube.  Please!  What a bunch of B.S.!  I know, no date, so you just have to believe me, the 69 came before the 66 (I mean after it climbed to 69, and way beyond, the next day it dropped to 66).

Actually, here are the dates everyone:
Also, it did happen the next day, but I was too busy working to take a picture and it remained at 66 for two days.

Oh look, now it is down to 40, as of tonight, 10-6-16 (October 6, 2016).
So much for things being scientific, orderly, and predictable.

Update on 10-18-16:

Look above, on the bottom they say, there are 500 views for the Tunisian Harissa and on top, they say only 28 views.  So which one is it?  Probably neither.  None of this is reliable and obviously none of this is scientific.  So when you may think no one is watching, just know, I have hits and viewers around the world, especially in the U.S.A and worked extremely hard in order to get those hits.  I have even been published on radio stations with people from Germany calling in, reporting they are banned from my blog.  

Saturday, September 24, 2016

More Vegan Deliveries to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Dear Viewers,

This week, I will show you some Turkish Vegan Food and some American Vegan Food.

First, Turkish:

This food comes from the restaurant, Istanbul Park.  As you can see, I ordered a Falafel Dinner.

It was very good! It comes with rice, fresh hummus, and some salad.  Yum!  (I always order extra rice, which I did not take a picture of.) 

Next, American:

This is a quinoa salad you can design yourself from the restaurant, Authentic.  I selected a vegan mustard dressing, which was so delicious.  Under all the toppings I chose out of many (spinach, black beans, chickpeas, portobello mushrooms, grilled Brussels sprouts, and artichokes), is rainbow quinoa.  This salad made me feel good and healthy.

Notice, the camera works well. 
This is from the iPhone 7.  
A working camera,  
just in time for elections! ;)
Like the iPhone upgrade for
those who cannot afford a new phone.
(But the speakers for music are not good.
Would not be able to sell upgrades
if everything worked, right?) 

Tony Eating a Falafel

This is Tony.
Watch him eat a falafel.